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WWE news: Vince McMahon forced Rey Mysterio to extend WWE contract

WWE news: Vince McMahon forced Rey Mysterio to extend WWE contract
WWE news: Vince McMahon forced Rey Mysterio to extend WWE contract
Photo by Erika Goldring/Getty Images

When WWE superstar Rey Mysterio showed up on the AAA Internet pay-per-view “TripleMania” in a video, the WWE is said to have become angry at the situation. The AAA event aired at the same time as “SummerSlam,” so the WWE viewed it as one of their stars showing up for a competitor. The video also had a hashtag labeled #freerey included, showing Mysterio’s attitude towards the WWE. According to Wrestle Zone on Thursday, Rey Mysterio feels the WWE lied to him when his contract expired.

When Rey Mysterio’s WWE contract expired, he planned to leave the company and return to Mexico. He had a meeting with Triple H at the time and told him that he was choosing not to return to the WWE and planned to leave. The word is that Triple H and Rey Mysterio shoot hands and agreed that the two sides would part ways amicably. While it seemed that was good enough, things changed when his contract expired.

Vince McMahon had Mark Carrano, an employee in talent relations, to call Rey Mysterio and tell him that the WWE was not letting him leave. The WWE pointed out a stipulation in the WWE contract for Mysterio that said that, if a wrestler misses too much time due to injuries, the WWE can force the contract into a one year extension automatically. Therefore, the WWE made it clear that the handshake agreement with Triple H was no longer being honored and they extended the contract.

For his part, Rey Mysterio has reportedly not cashed any paychecks the WWE has sent him since his contract expired. He has not appeared on WWE television since January because of a hand injury. There were a lot of WWE rumors Rey Mysterio wanted to be one of the AAA superstars to appear on their new American series that will premiere on the El Rey Network, but that is now no longer possible. The “TripleMania” video for Rey Mysterio was obviously a way to send a message.