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WWE news: Vickie Guerrero leaving WWE, final appearance set up on 'Raw'

Vickie Guerrero Leaving WWE next week
Vickie Guerrero Leaving WWE next week
Photo from WWE Twitter

A lot of people seemed turned off by the vomit skit on “WWE Monday Night Raw” last night. However, the skit accomplished two things that were important for upcoming WWE events. The first was to put Roman Reigns in the title match at “WWE Money in the Bank” and, according to PWS on Tuesday, the second was setting up Vickie Guerrero leaving the company.

Guerrero has been planning on leaving the company since “Wrestlemania 30.” Heading into the event, Guerrero was in a feud with AJ Lee. The entire premise of the WWE Divas title match saw Guerrero force Lee to defend her Divas title against all the Divas in the WWE. However, AJ Lee won the match and vicariously won the feud. That was actually supposed to be Guerrero’s final appearance in the WWE.

However, the WWE asked her to stick around until they could find a better way to send her off. Guerrero was hired to work full time for the WWE after her husband Eddie Guerrero died. It was a nice move by the WWE and they have employed her for years since Eddie died. However, she wants to leave the WWE and start a new career in the medical profession. She agreed to put those plans on hold until she could get a proper sendoff.

Last night on “WWE Monday Night Raw,” Guerrero served Stephanie McMahon coffee that Roman Reigns had spiked and that ended with McMahon vomiting all over Guerrero. The word is that next week, Stephanie McMahon will call out Vickie Guerrero and fire her. This doesn’t seem like a better sendoff than “Wrestlemania 30” because Guerrero looked foolish in the segment.

However, there was a setup on “WWE Monday Night Raw” where Roman Reigns told Vickie Guerrero that she is a Guerrero and that means something. Maybe, in her final WWE appearance next week, she will finally stand up for herself and leave in style and on her own terms. Either way, next week may be the last time the WWE Universe sees Vickie Guerrero in any kind of regular role.