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WWE news: Ultimate Warrior tribute planned for ‘Raw’ and the WWE Network

Ultimate Warrior tribute planned for ‘Raw’ and the WWE Network
Ultimate Warrior tribute planned for ‘Raw’ and the WWE Network

The Ultimate Warrior died on Tuesday and the WWE has been working hard since then to plan out tributes for the WWE Hall of Fame star. According to PWS on Friday, the WWE will dedicate next week’s “WWE Monday Night Raw” to the Warrior, with many of the Ultimate Warrior most memorable moments presented. Then, next Wednesday, the WWE will air “Warrior: The Ultimate Legend” on the WWE Network.

The tribute show is nothing new for the WWE. They did the same thing with Chris Benoit, Owen Hart and Eddie Guerrero when they died. While the WWE and Warrior were on bad terms for 17 years, they finally made up and it looked like they were beginning a new relationship. With his death, this is a chance to give fans one more big look at the Ultimate Warrior’s legendary career.

How “WWE Monday Night Raw” handles the tribute is still unknown. With Benoit, they held no matches. Benoit’s friends and associates talked about working with him and his best matches were shown. The night after Owen Hart’s death, the WWE honored him with matches, but no one was forced to wrestle and those who did, wrestled in his memory. That was also how they handled Eddie’s death, and his nephew Chavo Guerrero highlighted the night by winning using his uncle’s finishing move.

The “Warrior: The Ultimate Legend” show will likely be put together with numerous clips from his recent DVD, “Ultimate Warrior: The Ultimate Collection.” It will also probably include WWE superstar’s interviews about their memories. Men who wrestled him, like Hulk Hogan, and those he influenced, like Christian and Zack Ryder, are obvious inclusions.

The “WWE Monday Night Raw” Ultimate Warrior tribute show will be held in Birmingham, Ala, next Monday night with a start time of 8 p.m. EST. The WWE Network Ultimate Warrior show’s start time has not been announced yet. The WWE Network will announce the schedule early next week.