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WWE news: Ultimate Warrior says he could wrestle another match

WWE news: Ultimate Warrior hints at wrestling again
WWE news: Ultimate Warrior hints at wrestling again

It wasn't that long ago that WWE Hall of Fame star The Ultimate Warrior said that he would never wrestle again and then ripped into wrestlers who kept competing years after they should have stepped away. However, reported on Jan. 14 that Warrior said in a recent interview that he could wrestle again and a match could be arranged.

Ultimate Warrior was announced as the most recent nominee into the WWE Hall of Fame, the first announced for the 2014 Hall of Fame class. He was rumored to have signed an agreement with the WWE and it appears this is what it was for.

Now that he is entering the WWE Hall of Fame, the question now goes to what else he might be willing to do for the WWE. After over a decade of legal battles with the WWE, Warrior and Vince McMahon made amends last year and Warrior helped promote the WWE 2K14 video game. Now, he is entering the WWE Hall of Fame.

The week of the WWE Hall of Fame ceremony, a brand new Ultimate Warrior DVD will hit stores, and with his induction, there is a good chance he could contribute to the DVD. The last WWE Ultimate Warrior DVD release buried Warrior and this one is said to be a more fair and balanced look at his career.

The next question is whether or not Ultimate Warrior will be part of "Wrestlemania 30." Hulk Hogan and Rowdy Roddy Piper are rumored to be heading there for the WWE and a Warrior appearance could be huge as well. In the interview, Warrior said that he can't be the 90s era intense Ultimate Warrior, but he is still in great shape and could work out something new if the arrangements were made.