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WWE news: Ultimate Warrior's wife writes thank you letter to WWE

One week after the tragic death of The Ultimate Warrior, his wife Dana wrote an open letter to the WWE Universe. Dana Warrior had her letter published on on Wednesday and wanted to say thank you to the fans and the WWE. It was a heartfelt message from a woman who lost her husband of 20 years.

Ultimate Warrior's wife writes thank you letter to WWE
WWE Twitter Account

In a truly heartbreaking statement, Dana Warrior said that she learned on Sunday that the WWE would honor her late husband on WWE Monday Night Raw. When the show opened everyone was standing on the stage with a memoriam on the Titan Tron behind them. Even Vince McMahon, who has not appeared on camera since the middle of last year, was there to pay his respects.

Dana Warrior said that she gathered her two young daughters with her on the couch and had all the TVs in the house turned on to watch what the WWE planned. When she saw everyone out there on the stage, some in Warrior paint and shirts, she said that her and her daughters cheered and cried at the same time. She said that she wanted to thank the superstars who paid tribute to her late husband and said her daughters would always remember that moment.

It was a truly special moment. Some superstars, like Cody Rhodes and Natalya Neidhart, were openly crying. Both were second generation stars whose parents worked with Warrior. There were men on the stage, such as Triple H and Goldust, who had wrestled the Warrior. Jerry “The King” Lawler presided over the tribute, he himself feuding with the Warrior many years ago.

She said the The Ultimate Warrior tribute video the WWE showed was “ultimate perfection.” She said that she watched it multiple times. The day she wrote this letter, she started it off by watching the tribute video once again. She said that mornings are hardest for her, but hearing her late husband’s song and seeing the moments makes it easier for her to continue on.

Dana Warrior also wanted to send out thanks to the Ultimate Warrior fans, who she said gave him his strength. She said that these fans are the ones who are helping her remain strong in the days of mourning for her family’s loss. In the end, she talked about how she had 20 great years with The Ultimate Warrior, and with him gone, she will carry on his creed of “always believe.”

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