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WWE news: Ultimate Warrior responds to WWE Hall of Fame induction

WWE Hall of Fame: Ultimate Warrior responds
WWE Hall of Fame: Ultimate Warrior responds

After more than a decade of lawsuits and accusations thrown back and forth between the two parties, the WWE and The Ultimate Warrior have finally mended fences and now the Warrior will find himself inducted into the 2014 WWE Hall of Fame. According to The Warrior himself on Jan. 15, the biggest thing fans can look forward to is his WWE Hall of Fame induction speech.

If he is anything, The Ultimate Warrior is outspoken and has never been afraid to speak his mind. He also likes to fathom himself as an intellectual, enjoying the process of throwing around big words and obscure references to possibly make himself seem smarter than he really is.

That makes one wonder if The Ultimate Warrior WWE Hall of Fame acceptance speech will be another long, rambling diatribe that fans have gotten used to over the years, or will be a more leveled speech with Warrior regaling his fans with stories from his career. Honestly, it will probably be more of the former and less of the later.

The biggest question is whether or not The Ultimate Warrior will use this forum to get some things off his chest. Triple H promoted that The Warrior will have a "live mic" and will be allowed to say anything he wants, but it might be better for him if he remained respectful like Bruno Sammartino was last year.

There was no love lost between Bruno and Vince McMahon, but he realized that this was a special moment for his fans and was the utmost gentleman. It will be curious to see if The Ultimate Warrior follows his lead at the 2014 WWE Hall of Fame. Otherwise, this could be a glorious train wreck.