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WWE news: Ultimate Warrior and Jake 'The Snake' Roberts feuding online

WWE: Jake Roberts and Ultimate Warrior war of words
WWE: Jake Roberts and Ultimate Warrior war of words

The first 2014 WWE Hall of Fame inductee was announced last week in The Ultimate Warrior. Another man who is rumored to be entering the prestigious Hall of Fame is Jake "The Snake" Roberts, who made his WWE return at the old school "WWE Monday Night Raw." However, according to PWS on Jan. 21, the two men are currently involved in an online war of words.

Jake "The Snake" Roberts threw the first jab when he talked about The Ultimate Warrior entering the WWE Hall of Fame on a radio show. According to Roberts, he joked that the WWE must be more interested in taking in "a**holes" into the WWE Hall of Fame rather than people with great talent.

It was a low blow indeed.

Ultimate Warrior then responded by attacking Roberts' religious beliefs. According to Warrior, he called a "former talent" a "hypocrite born-again Christian" who practices his Christianity in Hell. He then threw out the insult that he grows wise on great stories while the other (Roberts) "reads bathroom stalls and still grovels."

What Jake said was something a lot of people have said about The Ultimate Warrior based on his attitude and skill set. However, what Warrior said hit below the belt and seemed more personal than anything Roberts threw out in this particular war of words.

In great form, Jake "The Snake" Roberts took the higher road. He admitted that he maybe went to far in the interview with the a-hole comment and took responsibility for throwing the first shot. He then said that there is no hypocrisy with him and he is not preaching anything. He said he is an addict and it working to make himself better and then he said he takes Warrior's response with no negativity and will just put it behind him with an apology.

At the end, Jake "The Snake" Roberts apologized for his comments but Warrior's response proves that he might have been partially correct in his original words.

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