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WWE news: Triple H to ref Stephanie McMahon's SummerSlam bout with Brie Bella

According to an Aug. 6 report from Fansided, Triple H has been penciled in to serve as a special guest referee for Stephanie McMahon's SummerSlam bout against Brie Bella. Since Triple H is McMahon's partner in The Authority and also her husband in real life, obviously his appointment as special guest ref turns the match in the WWE head honcho's favor. McMahon collides with Bella on Aug. 18 at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, as part of the SummerSlam pay-per-view spectacular.

Triple H is set to ref Stephanie McMahon's SummerSlam bout against Brie Bella
Photo by Erika Goldring/Getty Images

Before Triple H's appointment as special guest ref, McMahon didn't have much of a chance of winning the bout. Bella is a perennial contender in the WWE Divas Division, while McMahon is just a part-time competitor. She only agreed to the SummerSlam bout because Bella had assault and battery charges against her.

Bella said she would only drop the charges against McMahon is she got her job back, and also a match against her at SummerSlam. McMahon had no choice but to agree, because she didn't want to go back to jail or face any kind of stiff penalty. Since Bella is a legitimate WWE Divas superstar, she was heading into SummerSlam as a heavy favorite to defeat McMahon via submission or pinfall.

With Triple H as special guest ref, a win won't come so easy for Bella. Triple H will obviously do everything in his power to make sure McMahon reigns supreme over Bella come fight night, as he'll open up his bag of tricks to notch the victory for his wife. However, there's a strong chance Bella will win because it would mean getting her job back.

The WWE knows that Bella is one of the most popular stars on the divas roster, so having her in the promotion is best for business. McMahon and Triple H see her value when it comes to business, so they won't be quick to let her go. A win by Bella would mean she gets her job back in the WWE, so that's the likely scenario.

Bella and McMahon are currently engaged in one of the WWE's juiciest feuds. For the past two weeks, they have been confronting each other on episodes of Monday Night Raw, and the heat has gotten stronger and stronger. Who will win the bout between McMahon and Bella? Time will tell how the situation pans out. WWE Universe will be watching intently.

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