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WWE news: Triple H explains Adam Rose character

WWE news: Triple H explains Adam Rose character
WWE news: Triple H explains Adam Rose character
Photo from WWE Twitter

When Adam Rose appeared for the first time on “WWE Monday Night Raw,” it may have taken some fans by surprise. However, WWE fans who watch the NXT show over on the WWE Network knew all about Adam Rose and what his character is all about. According to PWS on Sunday, Triple H spoke about the Adam Rose character and why it works so well.

For longtime WWE NXT fans, Adam Rose has been around for a long time. He signed with the WWE in 2010 after working in South Africa for 15 years. When he made his debut on the NXT show, he was known as Leo Kruger and had big wins over many of today’s biggest stars including a big four way title win for what was then known as the FCW Championship over Dean Ambrose, Bo Dallas and Damien Sandow. He held that title twice, losing it on the second reign to Seth Rollins before the brand name was changed to NXT.

His character was then tweaked into a hunter and mercenary in 2012. That lasted until the WWE rebranded him as Adam Rose in 2014. By the time the WWE launched the WWE Network, which included the NXT television program, he was fully emerged in the Adam Rose character, a party boy who came to the ring with a group of party characters known as the Rosebuds. The character itself was based slightly on Russell Brand.

According to Triple H, the WWE works on each of their developmental superstars, making tweaks to their entrance, music, presentation, costume and more to make them look like stars. Once their presentation matches up to their in-ring talent, they are then ready to make the jump to the WWE. According to Triple H, the WWE works out everything from the entrance to their motions and movements during their entrance in NXT so when the wrestler appears on “WWE Monday Night Raw,” they are a completed gimmick.

Adam Rose himself said that his new WWE gimmick is a lot more comfortable for him. Rose said in the Miami Herald interview that a lot of his friends have said that he is finally getting to be more like himself. It seems the fans have fallen in love with at least his entrance, and now the next step is to sell them on his in-ring character.