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WWE news: Triple H adds himself to WWE world title situation at Wrestlemania

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The original plans for "Wrestlemania 30" was to see Randy Orton defend his WWE World Championship against Randy Orton. However, Triple H came out on "WWE Monday Night Raw" on March 17 and announced that he will win the title at "Wrestlemania 30."

To catch fans up to date, last week Daniel Bryan held "WWE Monday Night Raw" hostage with a lot of fans joining him in the ring and he refused to leave until Triple H agreed to fight him at "Wrestlemania 30." He also got the stipulation added that said if he wins the match, then he will get into the main event WWE World Championship match at "Wrestlemania 30" and it will become a triple threat match.

Triple H then said that he will say some things to Daniel Bryan later in the night.

That brought out Batista, who then said that he can't believe that Triple H would give Bryan an opportunity to turn it into a triple threat match, where Batista could lose without ever getting pinned. That annoyed Triple H, who said that he wasn't going to lose.

Randy Orton came out next and said that he agreed with Batista, who said that Triple H left open an opportunity for Bryan. That sent Triple H off, who said that he wasn't going to lose. Orton and Batista then started arguing that the reason Bryan was popular was because the fans just hated the other one.

Triple H started to leave and Batista asked where he was going and that he needed to fix it. Triple H stopped and said he was sick of Daniel Bryan and the fans who cheered him. He said he was sick of Hollywood stars who think they know more about the WWE than he does. He said he was sick of a champion who couldn't win unless someone was holding his hand.

Triple H then said that his match was Daniel Bryan was now different. He said that whoever wins their match will get into the WWE World Championship match and he will win the title at "Wrestlemania 30."