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WWE news: Titus O’Neil talks about turning on Darren Young

WWE news: Titus O'Neil explains heel turn
WWE news: Titus O'Neil explains heel turn

Last week on “WWE Smackdown,” the Prime Time Players broke up when Titus O’Neil turned on his former partner Darren Young and destroyed him after the match. According to on Feb. 2, O’Neil posted an Instagram message of him with a young fun and explained his heel turn.

O’Neil said that his turning on Young was not personal, but more about business and personal goals.

According to the former Prime Time Player, O’Neil said that the young fan in the photo with him still loves him despite him leaving the Prime Time Players. He then went on to explain that his goal since arriving in the WWE was to become a winner. He then said his goals were to win by any means.

He finished by saying that there is no “I in team” but there is an “ME” and for fans to think about it.

Of course, breaking up the team to go after a goal is one thing, but his devastating sucker punch and beat down of Darren Young proves that Titus O’Neil, despite his claims, will be turning full heel from this point on.

Titus O’Neil is one of the most impressive physical specimens in the WWE, a former football player for the Florida Gators and the Arena Football League. At the age of 26, he was a late starter in the WWE but this new change in direction should give him the best chance for success since debuting in the WWE in 2012.

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