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WWE news: The Rock opens up about depression and wanting to be the best

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson went from being the biggest star in the WWE to becoming a savior of movie franchises and one of the biggest, most popular, actors in the world. The Hollywood Reporter interviewed The Rock on Wednesday and spoke to him about his career. The Rock opened up to them about his battles over the years with depression and how they motivated him to be the best.

Dwayne Johnson interview
Dwayne Johnson interview
Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez
Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson
Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez

Most people see The Rock as one of the most charismatic men in all of entertainment, with a smile that can light up a room. In the WWE, he was The Rock – the People’s Champion. In Hollywood, he is Dwayne Johnson, a man who has reignited dormant franchises and brings box office gold everywhere he goes. It was not always that way.

As a child, Johnson was a troubled person. He said that his father moved him from town to town constantly so he rarely had time to make friends. At the age of 14, he was kicked out for being unruly. He finally turned things around and made the University of Miami’s football team, where he actually played as a freshman. However, that was when he hit his first roadblock.

Injuries took him out and he finally just quit and went back home. It took a phone call from his coach to light a fire and get him back to the university to finish his college career there. Then, he was overlooked by the NFL and ended up playing football in Canada. He was soon moved down to the practice squad and then released. By this time, Johnson was broke and slipped into a deep depression.

He finally made his decision to follow in his father’s footsteps and become a professional wrestler. Originally known as Rocky Maivia, he was hated by the fans despite being a cheerful good guy. It didn’t take long for the WWE to switch up his gimmick, add him to the hated Nation of Domination, and The Rock was born. After that, Johnson’s star shined brighter than almost anyone around him.

He decided to try his hand at acting and things started out decent with some action roles but soon he found himself stuck in family movies. After “The Tooth Fairy,” Johnson was started to slip into a depression again. Thankfully, he called WWE chairman Vince McMahon for help and McMahon hooked him up with Ari Emmanuel, the character that Ari Gold in “Entourage” was based on.

Johnson fired his agents and signed on with Emmanuel and William Morris and nothing has ever been the same. Johnson joined the “Fast & Furious” and “G.I. Joe” franchises and helped push them to huge success. Since that signing, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson became one of the biggest names in Hollywood. While the depression tried to hold him back, the former WWE Champion used it as fuel and has reached the top of the mountain.