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WWE news: The Rock arrives in New Orleans for 'Wrestlemania 30'

WWE: The Rock to appear at Wrestlemania 30
WWE: The Rock to appear at Wrestlemania 30

In some interesting WWE news, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson sent out a tweet that he has arrived in New Orleans and then left a hashtag that indicates he will be at "Wrestlemania 30." According to PWS on April 6, the WWE contacted several legends and The Rock "Wrestlemania 30" appearance has been clarified.

The site said that The Rock showed up in New Orleans on Saturday and has already started rehearsing the segment that he will be involved in. This is added to the news from earlier in the week that Stone Cold Steve Austin told TMZ that he will be taking part in a segment at "Wrestlemania 30" as well.

It is unclear what either man will be doing at the big event or if they will be involved in the same segment or different ones.

There are still people who believe that CM Punk will make a big return at "Wrestlemania 30" as well. However, a photo released over the weekend claiming to be CM Punk in New Orleans with Kofi Kingston was actually a photo from last November and was faked. While Steve Austin himself has hinted that he thinks CM Punk might return, he admitted he was just guessing.

There is some thought that The Rock will wrestle in a match at "Wrestlemania 31" next year in San Francisco, and his appearance tonight could set that up. The Rock was supposed to wrestle Brock Lesnar this year, but an injury at "Wrestlemania 29" caused an injury and he pulled out.