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WWE news: Ted DiBiase talks about why he didn’t like Stone Cold in Attitude Era

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When “Stone Cold” Steve Austin arrived in the WWE, he was not “Stone Cold” but was instead known as “The Ringmaster,” a great technical wrestler who was also an arrogant heel. reported on March 8 that his manager from this time, “The Million Dollar Man” Ted DiBiase spoke about his transformation into the biggest star in the WWE.

DiBiase said that while Austin was not really over when he was “The Ringmaster,” he told Austin that he was doing all the right things and his time would come. DiBiase said that Vince McMahon is an expert at marketing and that he knows how to build something into a major event and wrestlers into stars.

According to DiBiase, while Austin was not getting over fast, what he was doing was believable and fans would gravitate to that. He said that, when a wrestler seems real they will be over forever, unlike superstars who light up fast and then burn out and fade away.

However, DiBiase said that he would never have wanted to manage Steve Austin when the “Stone Cold” persona took off in the Attitude Era. He said that, as a bad guy, it would have been perfect. However, Austin was a good guy who was flipping the bird, drinking beer and cursing and the fans were cheering it. DiBiase said that, as a Christian, that was not a positive message to send to kids who watched the WWE.

As far as “The Million Dollar Man” Ted DiBiase is concerned, his bad guy being an arrogant jerk was ok because he always got beat up in the end, but with “Stone Cold” Steve Austin being the hero who won in the WWE, it made it seem to kids like it was ok to follow his lead.