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WWE news: Tag team of Kofi Kingston, Big E and Xavier Woods breaks up

According to an Aug. 13 report from Cageside Seats, WWE higher-ups have decided to split up the tag team of Kofi Kingston, Big E and Xavier Woods, just weeks after their formation. Kingston, Big E and Woods teamed up during a recent episode of WWE Monday Night Raw, and WWE Universe quickly dubbed them "The New Nation." The WWE never officially gave the three-man tag team a name.

WWE decided to split up the tag-team of Kofi Kingston, Big E and Xavier Woods
Photo by Michael N. Todaro

All parties involved have remained silent on the breakup of the new tag team. Will Kingston and Big E get big pushes in the months ahead as singles superstars? Will Woods join forces with someone else on the WWE roster? No one really knows for sure except for the WWE's creative team. Here's what we do know: Woods, Kingston and Big E are all legitimately talented.

All three men have what it takes, both inside the ring and on the mic. Big E is a former WWE Intercontinental champion, and Kingston is best-known for his captivating escapes at Royal Rumble events. As for Woods, he earned many new fans from his excellent work on the mic during the WWE Monday Night Raw episode when the three-man tag team formed.

Time will certainly tell how the situation pans out. None of the three men are slated to take part in this weekend's SummerSlam pay-per-view spectacular. None of them are involved in any kind of significant feud or scripted storyline, and all three are basically mired in mid-card obscurity. It appears that the WWE's creative team doesn't know what to do with Kingston, Big E or Woods, so they scripted them to work together for a one night only gig.

In the months ahead, it might make sense to give Woods some more televised opportunities on the mic. He showed promise by cutting an intriguing promo during the WWE Monday Night Raw taping when The New Nation formed. Elsewhere, the WWE might want to use an upcoming episode of Smackdown to hype a feud between Big E and Jack Swagger or Rusev. Big E does his best work against high-level heels, so that's one area the WWE's creative team could use him.

As for Kingston, he'll probably continue to be used during televised spots on Monday Night Raw. He's a perennial babyface, and one of the top high-flyers on the WWE roster. He might not get scripted to be involved in any big-time feuds for pay-per-view, but he's definitely an important piece in the WWE's success.

Woods was recently sent down to NXT, the WWE's developmental league. While he's there, he can sharpen his skills on the mic and elevate his game on the mat. If he's able to get a bit better, he'll be a major player when he gets called back up to the WWE main card roster. Big E, on the other hand, has recently been used to get Rusev over with the crowd.

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