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WWE news: Stone Cold Steve Austin reveals his choice for WWE champion

“Stone Cold” Steve Austin was the biggest star in the WWE when the company was at the height of its popularity. He did an interview with the Miami Herald on Saturday and gave his thoughts about the WWE World Heavyweight Championship match at the “Money in the Bank” pay-per-view. According to Austin, tonight is the time to make a new star.

Steve Austin, WWE
Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Sadly, from a new poster promoting the “Summerslam” event in August, it looks like John Cena will face Brock Lesnar on that show. The early WWE rumors indicated that Lesnar was winning the title at “Summerslam” and possibly holding it through to next year’s “Wrestlemania 31” where he would put over Roman Reigns. However, there are some problems with that, including Lesnar’s part time contract.

There were also some rumors about Lesnar winning the title, only to feud with fellow Paul Heyman Guy Cesaro. That would give Cesaro a chance to win the title from Lesnar, making him a main event star. Cesaro then could carry the strap and either lose it to someone big or eventually meet up with Roman Reigns at “Wrestlemania 31.”

However, Austin thinks that the WWE needs to pull the trigger at “Money in the Bank” and put the title on a young star tonight. According to Austin, having Cesaro managed by Paul Heyman, this would be the perfect chance to make Cesaro a main event star and give him his first WWE World Heavyweight Championship. With Lesnar possibly nearing a title opportunity, that could set up Lesnar vs. Cesaro and then maybe lead into the John Cena “Summerslam” match.

However, Austin said that his number one choice to win the WWE World Heavyweight Championship is Roman Reigns. While the WWE wanted to wait until “Wrestlemania 31” to give Reigns his huge moment on the biggest stage of them all, it might be a good idea to give him the win now. Honestly, that also might help win over some new WWE Network subscribers, which is something the WWE needs to be shooting for.

There is one other problem for the “Money in the Bank” winner to worry about. Austin mentioned that Brock Lesnar could come in and beat them and then carry the title until “Wrestlemania 31.” If that is the case, he said that tonight’s winner would be a sacrificial lamb, and that could kill any push they might deserve. If that is the case, maybe John Cena is the better choice, even though Austin said Cena has won the WWE title enough.

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