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WWE news: Stone Cold Steve Austin hopes to compete at Wrestlemania 32

According to an Aug. 23 report from Cageside Seats, Stone Cold Steve Austin is intrigued at the possibility of competing one last time under the WWE banner, as soon as early-2016 at Wrestlemania 32. Since the event is over a year away, it would allow for Austin to get the preparation and training in to turn in the performance of a lifetime. Austin, 49, has appeared sporadically under the WWE banner over the past decade, but most of the time his cameos were in a non-wrestling capacity.

Stone Cold Steve Austin hopes to compete at Wrestlemania 32
Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Austin, one of the most popular babyface characters in WWE history, served as special guest ref and guest host over the years on WWE Monday Night Raw, but it has been a long time since he has wrestled in the ring. Injuries shortened his career, and he hasn't been able to battle in the ring since 2002. Austin is interested in competing at Wrestlemania 32 mostly because the event is expected to be held at Cowboys Stadium, not far from where the former star was born and raised.

Austin continues to be a popular figure in Texas, so WWE Universe would go absolutely bonkers if Austin is to appear at Wrestlemania 32. His appearance would also be a major boost for the WWE as a whole, as it would help them sell network subscriptions and seats to the event. When the WWE comes to Cowboys Stadium for Wrestlemania 32, they will need to stack the card to sell out the stadium.

Having Austin appear in a wrestling match would absolutely do the trick, since he hasn't wrestled in over a decade. Who should Austin wrestle against in his return bout? By early-2016, Dean Ambrose should be a major superstar. Ambrose, 28, has been slowly climbing the ladder in the WWE for several years, so a match between him and Austin would definitely make the most sense. Ambrose is a former member of the popular Shield tag team.

If not Ambrose, the WWE could easily script Austin to go up against Bray Wyatt. No matter who the WWE matches Austin with, it'll definitely get over in a big way with the crowd. Austin essentially ruled out competing at Wrestlemania 31 because it isn't in Texas and it's going down too soon to properly prepare for.

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