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WWE news: Sting finally officially signs his contract with the WWE

Sting finally officially signs his contract with the WWE
Sting finally officially signs his contract with the WWE

While he never showed up at “Wrestlemania 30” or the next night’s “WWE Monday Night Raw,” Sting has officially signed his deal to come to the WWE. According to on Friday, the Sting contract is an actual on-air role with at least one match guaranteed. Whether that will be a Sting vs. Undertaker match or not remains to be seen.

There were a lot of WWE rumors flying around that made it sound like Sting might either show up after Undertaker’s match at “Wrestlemania 30” to lay down the challenge or they would meet face to face the next night. However, neither happened and Undertaker never actually appeared at all on “WWE Monday Night Raw.” Now, there are doubts that Undertaker will ever wrestle another match.

Undertaker showed up at “WWE Monday Night Raw” but remained backstage and never came out. He was injured in his match with Brock Lesnar where the streak was officially ended. Paul Heyman brought Lesnar out to the ring and told the audience about Undertaker’s injury, which turned out to be true. He suffered a major concussion and spent the night in the hospital. He was limping badly backstage at “Raw” and they chose not to bring him out.

Sting was not at “WWE Monday Night Raw,” so it looks like the WWE never planned on the confrontation the night after “Wrestlemania 30.” Some speculated that the Sting WWE contract was just going to be a legend’s deal like Ricky Steamboat and others signed, where they make appearances and do interviews but don’t wrestle. For Sting’s fans, that is not true and he will get to wrestle at least one match in his career in the WWE.

According to WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross, the loss to Brock Lesnar could mark the end of The Undertaker’s career. He commented that not even Dr. Frankenstein could put the phenom back together again. If that is true, the WWE will likely find someone else for Sting to wrestle. As it is, Sting will be making his debut soon in the WWE and will finally step onto the one major stage he never has before.