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WWE news: Sting announced as exclusive character in WWE 2K15

Sting announced as exclusive character in WWE 2K15
Sting announced as exclusive character in WWE 2K15
Photo by Scott Barbour/Getty Images

There had been a lot of WWE rumors that Sting could appear on “WWE Monday Night Raw” this week, but those rumors were unfounded. However, Sting did make an appearance on a promo video during “Raw.” According to Wrestle View on Monday, the WWE announced that Sting would be an exclusive character in the WWE 2K15 video game.

The video started with a band playing orchestra instruments. There were shadows flashing across the screen. Then, when the video ended, the musicians turned around and they all had their faces painted like Sting. Then, Sting walked in with a baseball bat and his trench coat and then turned and looked into the camera. The WWE announcers then stated that Sting would be an exclusive character for only those who pre-ordered the WWE 2K15 videogame.

Sting spent his entire career in the NWA and WCW until the company was purchased by the WWE. Sting was one of the wrestlers who refused to sign with the WWE who had the chance. He sat out his contract and then went on to wrestle in TNA Impact Wrestling for almost a full decade. When his last contract with TNA Impact Wrestling came to an end, the WWE rumors indicated that he would jump to the WWE to end his career there.

However, the problem is that Sting said that he really only had one more match that he wanted to wrestle in his career and that was against The Undertaker. With the future of The Undertaker’s career in doubt, that may never happen. While Sting has not signed a deal with the WWE yet, there is a good chance he eventually will. There is the new announcement for the WWE 2K15 video game and a rumored Sting DVD coming out this fall.

Sting’s deal with the WWE 2K15 video game is just like The Ultimate Warrior last year. The only way for fans to get to play as Sting is to pre-order WWE 2K15, and once the video game goes on sale, the character of Sting will no longer be available.