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WWE news: Sin Cara signs with World Wrestling League in Puerto Rico

WWE: Sin Cara signs with WWL
WWE: Sin Cara signs with WWL

The original Sin Cara's WWE contract has expired and he wasted little time in finding a new home, signing with the World Wrestling League (WWL) in Puerto Rico. According to on Jan. 31, the WWL sent out the press release announcing that the "original" Sin Cara was signing with them.

It is unclear how the WWE will deal with this. Sin Cara said that he owns the rights to the character, the look and the name and he does not believe the WWE should be allowed to use it with another wrestler. However, the WWE has put Hunico under the mask for the past few months and Sin Cara is part of an upcoming WWE "Scooby Doo" movie.

Meanwhile, Sin Cara continues to use the name and it was used in the press conference as well for the WWL. Just last night on TNA Impact Wrestling, former WWE superstar MVP made his debut and used the MVP name and gimmick because he owns the right to the character, so the Sin Cara situation could be the same.

The WWL has been in existence since 2012 and operates through cooperative efforts with other promoters, allowing wrestlers to operate with other companies in Latin America, similar to how the NWA operates in the United States.

Along with the Sin Cara announcement, the WWL also announced a Mexican tour that includes familiar names such as Sabu, Carlito, Chavo Geurrero, Juventud Guerrera, Ricky Marvin and Blue Demon.