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WWE news: Sin Cara refused to learn English for the WWE

WWE: Sin Cara refused to learn English in WWE
WWE: Sin Cara refused to learn English in WWE

Now that Sin Cara's WWE contract is about to expire, he is full of comments about his former place of employment. Of course, he already said that the WWE is not allowed to use his character because he owns the rights, and now he is talking about his time there. According to on Jan. 25, Sin Cara said he refused to learn English during his time in the WWE.

According to Sin Cara, he had no desire to learn English because he doesn't like the language. He said that he wrestled in Japan for two years and loves the Japanese language. He said that he will studies the Japanese language today. However, he said he never studied the English language and doesn't like it enough to care.

He said that not knowing English doesn't hurt a wrestler when in a match because the wrestlers don't need to be talking to each other in the ring anyway. He said the fans need to believe that things are spontaneous and not planned out and choreographed. Of course, with the amount of times that Sin Cara botched moves in his WWE career, that could explain a lot.

He did say there was one moment where it caused friction in the WWE ring. Sin Cara said that Darren Young and Titus O'Neil made fun of him not knowing English so he started to legitimately slap Young numerous times. According to Sin Cara, he doesn't need to speak English because he is a wrestler and not a clown.

Sin Cara did say there were two wrestlers he respected in the WWE and those men were Rey Mysterio and The Rock. Mysterio was his closest friend in the WWE and Sin Cara said The Rock actually approached him and hugged him, telling him how much he enjoyed his work.