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WWE news: Sin Cara claims he owns his character and WWE can't use it

WWE: Sin Cara says he owns the rights to his character
WWE: Sin Cara says he owns the rights to his character

The original Sin Cara spoke out about the recent WWE match between Alberto Del Rio and Sin Cara on "WWE Main Event," the match where Sin Cara's mask was ripped off. According to on Jan. 24, the original Sin Cara said that the WWE can no longer use the character because he owns the rights to the image.

That is hugely shocking because the WWE normally locks up the rights to the names and likeness of all their wrestlers. That is why The Dudley Boyz had to change their name to Team 3D and don't use the last name Dudley anymore and Mr. Kennedy because Mr. Anderson. The only times it doesn't happen is when the wrestlers use their real names.

It didn't used to be this way, which is why wrestlers like Ric Flair and Hulk Hogan could use their persona names no matter where they went, but in today's WWE, they lock up everything. It is why wrestlers like Bryan Danielson get re-christened as Daniel Bryan.

When Mistico was on his way out of CMLL and signing with the WWE, he changed his name to Sin Cara but he kept the same masked look and style when he entered the WWE. Now that his contract is expiring, he said that he may have changed his name to Sin Cara to avoid legal issues with CMLL, but he still owns the rights to the character, which is why he said the WWE can't continue to use it with Hunico under the mask.

Mistico has a Sin Cara gym in Mexico and he said that he has the rights to the name Sin Cara, the character and the mask style. He also said he will leave it up to the lawyers between the two sides, but he has proof that he owns the rights. The problem here is that the WWE is the one with the most money for legal fees.