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WWE news: Seth Rollins talks about the WWE PG rating

WWE PG rating: Seth Rollins talks product
WWE PG rating: Seth Rollins talks product
Seth Rollins / Twitter

Seth Rollins is one of the biggest stars in the WWE right now as the leader of The Shield. With his group in one of the largest storylines in the WWE right now, battling with Triple H and Evolution, Rollins is in the main event scene after years in the indies. According to PWS on Monday, Rollins took part in a recent interview where he talked about the WWE PG rating the company is promoting.

The WWE has undergone a major change over the last decade when it comes to their television rating. While the product during the Attitude Era was very risqué, and for mature audiences only, the new stories are all geared towards a PG rating. However, Rollins feels that the complaints about the WWE PG rating is not as big of a deal as some make it out to be.

Rollins makes a good point that the WWE PG rating has little to do with the wrestlers competing in the ring. He admitted that the rating has everything to do with storylines, including the lack of blood and less risqué angles. However, he said the only thing that guys like him, Daniel Bryan, The Usos and Cesaro have to deal with is their performance in the ring. Rollins said that, despite the WWE PG rating, what they do in the ring is at a different level than anyone has seen before.

While some of the new angles in the WWE, especially angles with The Wyatt Family, borderline on that PG rating, what most fans care about it what happens in the ring. The only real difference is the lack of blood and the decreased level of violence when it comes to hardcore rules. However, that is more than made up for in the style of wrestling the athletes compete in now, which is possibly higher than ever before.

Seth Rollins also talked about The Ultimate Warrior’s death and much more in the interview. Seth Rollins and The Shield appears on WWE television, including “WWE Monday Night Raw,” which airs live at 8 p.m. EST on USA Network. The entire Seth Rollins interview can be read at Alternative Nation.