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WWE news: Scott Hall hints at a WWE nWo reunion on ‘Raw’

WWE news: Scott Hall hints at a WWE nWo reunion on ‘Raw’
WWE news: Scott Hall hints at a WWE nWo reunion on ‘Raw’
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The WWE announced on this week’s “WWE Monday Night Raw” that Hulk Hogan would be on next week’s show for a special birthday celebration. Originally, people thought that Hogan might be coming on to announce something for “Summerslam” or mention fighting another match, but the show is on Hogan’s actual birthday, and the announcers said friends are coming. Scott Hall took to Twitter on Monday and teased an nWo reunion for the show.

Hall has not been in the best light this week after refusing to join stars like Bill Goldberg, Kevin Nash and more when it came to signing a well-wishes card for a terminal cancer patient. Maybe he is just trying to get the focus turned in another direction. However, with the WWE promising that friends would be there for Hulk Hogan’s birthday party on “WWE Monday Night Raw,” there is no better choice than his former teammates in the nWo.

Of course, the nWo started out in WCW when Kevin Nash and Scott Hall made a surprising leap from the WWE to WCW and started a very successful stint for WCW and the start of the Monday Night Wars. The first person they recruited to join them was long-time hero Hulk Hogan, who had been a face since his days in the WWE. He quickly became the most hated villain in wrestling for years and revitalized his career.

There is a question of who might appear as the nWo, if they do appear on “WWE Monday Night Raw” next week. The obvious choice is for it to be Hall, Nash and Sean Waltman, the core members of the group. Of course, this will likely just be a one-off nWo reunion if it happens at all. There is also a chance that the nWo reunion could happen after “WWE Monday Night Raw” goes off the air, a chance to get more people to subscribe to the WWE Network just to see it.