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WWE news: Scott Hall discounts his chances of a WWE Hall of Fame induction

WWE: Scott Hall denies WWE Hall of Fame rumors
WWE: Scott Hall denies WWE Hall of Fame rumors

The WWE rumors started running wild last week when Scott Hall made some cryptic comments on Twitter making fans think that he would be the next WWE Hall of Fame inductee. However, reported on Feb. 16 that Hall backed off these claims and said that he didn't think he would get inducted.

Hall said that he was just making a comment about how his Twitter account was verified the same time that Jake "The Snake" Roberts, The Ultimate Warrior and Amy "Lita" Dumas' accounts were verified. He then acted suspicious.

Those three names were all named in the 2014 WWE Hall of Fame inductee class with a few more names still to come. It does seem strange that they all were verified about the same time and three of them were named to the WWE Hall of Fame.

Hall, maybe just to avoid disappointment and maybe to shake fans off the scent, gave one very good reason why he probably won't go into the WWE Hall of Fame. Hall said that he doesn't think he would pass the "popularity contest" with the WWE administrators in Stamford. He then emphasized that with two more tweets talking about popularity contests.

That really makes it sound like Scott Hall won't be headed to the WWE Hall of Fame this year, unless he is playing dumb to make it more of a surprise. It is pretty well known that Diamond Dallas Page did what he could to get Jake Roberts back into the WWE's good graces after helping him clean up and he helped Hall too.

For now, the Scott Hall WWE Hall of Fame rumors are just that rumors, but as far as Hall is acting, it won't happen.

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