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WWE news: Ryback says he is going away to get things fixed

WWE news: Ryback says he is going away to get things fixed
Photo by David Becker

One of the more surprising success stories in the WWE over the past few months has been the tag team Rybaxel. What makes it surprising is that Paul Heyman took both wrestlers and tried to make them stars, but they failed to get over. However, when leaving Heyman, they started winning and actually started to get over some with the crowd. That appears to have ended for now because Ryback posted on Twitter on Monday night that he was going away to get some stuff fixed.

Shortly after posting this update, Ryback deleted all his previous tweets. With over 975,000 followers on Twitter and some of the most amusing and strange tweets of any WWE superstar, his Twitter rants will be missed. However, what he meant is something that fans are still wondering about.

It was just last week when “WWE Monday Night Raw” was in Las Vegas that Ryback was getting more cheers in his match then his opponents. With those opponents are Sheamus, Rob Van Dam and Roman Reigns, that is saying a lot. There has also been a lot more vocal support of him at other events as well with fans pulling his old “feed me more” tag line out and also chanting “Ryback rules.” Why the sudden groundswell of support has arisen is unknown, but there seems to be a lot of fans who wants Ryback to succeed.

When Ryback first started in the WWE, he was part of Nexus and showed up as Skip Sheffield. However, he broke his ankle and missed time due to that. He returned later under the name Ryback and was pushed as a monster. If he is taking time off to get things fixed, that sounds like injury problems. However, Ryback is known to mess with Internet fans through his Twitter account, so this could just be another hoax.