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WWE news: Rusev opens feud with Mark Henry on Monday Night Raw

According to an Aug. 18 report from Fansided, fast-rising Russian standout, Rusev, started up a feud with Mark Henry on WWE Monday Night Raw, less than 24 hours after defeating Jack Swagger at SummerSlam. Rusev, the fast-rising heel in the WWE, was confronted by Henry when he was in the ring with Lana to discuss his SummerSlam win over Swagger.

Mark Henry started a feud with Rusev on WWE Monday Night Raw
Photo by Gallo Images/Getty Images

Lana started to gloat about Rusev's accomplishments, and his easy win over Swagger at SummerSlam. Seconds later, Henry emerged from backstage, and hopped into the ring. Henry, 43, told Rusev he has pride in America, and that he didn't like how the Russian was conducting himself. Henry ended up going toe-to-toe with Rusev, and it wasn't long before the Olympian left the Russian crumpled in a heap on the mat. Henry crushed Rusev with a bodyslam, shocking the crowd with his brute strength and athleticism.

It's not clear at present time if the WWE is trying to build the feud between Rusev and Henry for a potential bout on the Night of Champions pay-per-view card, but that seems to be where the storyline is heading. Is it a squash match? Absolutely. However, it'll still be fun to watch. Rusev is being built up as an unstoppable monster heel, and he hasn't lost since getting called up to the WWE's main card roster earlier this year.

Rusev has defeated the likes of Jack Swagger, Big E and Zack Ryder. Henry might just be his toughest test yet, but there's no way the WWE will script him to lose to the record-breaking power lifter. The plan seems to be to keep scripting Rusev to defeat midcard babyface characters, so that he could slowly work his way up to a fight against a leading superstar such as John Cena or Roman Reigns.

Rusev is inching closer to a pay-per-view match against one of the WWE's top babyface superstars, but for now he'll have to deal with Henry. With Night of Champions just a month away, the WWE has plenty of time to hype the feud with Henry and Rusev. The promotion will likely use upcoming episodes of SmackDown and Monday Night Raw to build a buzz around the match.

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