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WWE news: Rosa Mendes talks about joining ‘Total Divas’

WWE news: Rosa Mendes talks about joining ‘Total Divas’
WWE news: Rosa Mendes talks about joining ‘Total Divas’
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This season’s episodes of the WWE reality show “Total Divas” welcomes a new cast member in the Latino beauty Rosa Mendes. This should provide a lot of interesting moments, especially considering Mendes’ real life problems in the WWE over the past few years. According to PWS on Thursday, Mendes openly talked about her personal issues and how joining “Total Divas” was a chance to get her career back in order.

According to Mendes, she has dealt with serious issues for the last two years, which overshadows the fact that she is now an eight-year veteran. She said that her casting on “Total Divas” came as a surprise since she has not been back in the WWE for long, but the show is a huge promotion so it will help her. She said that she is in the best shape she has ever been, so this will give her a chance to open some doors in her career.

Mendes also said that nothing is taboo because she wants her life to be an open book, problems and all. She said that the audience of “Total Divas,” as well as her fellow Divas will get to see the real her on the show. She did say that not everyone was gracious in welcoming her back to the WWE, so that might also play in the new season of “Total Divas.”

This should all be taken with a grain of salt since recently some dirt was uncovered about the recent storyline of the Bella Twins feuding. According to the WWE rumors, the main reason that the Bella Twins split up was because the producers of “Total Divas” wanted them to. Apparently, the show will play off their feuding which proves that this reality show may not be based in reality at all.