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WWE news: Roman Reigns says he will go after Seth Rollins

WWE news: Roman Reigns says he will go after Seth Rollins
WWE news: Roman Reigns says he will go after Seth Rollins
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When The Shield broke up, the WWE booked Dean Ambrose to be the man to go after the turncoat Seth Rollins while Roman Reigns started taking on The Authority, moving into a main event position. While some wondered why Roman Reigns was not interested in getting revenge against Seth Rollins as well, a recent interview explained his story. According to PWS on Sunday, Reigns said he plans to take care of Randy Orton tonight at “Summerslam” and then will take care of Rollins soon.

Roman Reigns had a great reason why he didn’t go after Seth Rollins after the blindside attack. According to Reigns, he said that he promised Dean Ambrose that he could have the first crack at Seth Rollins. He said that he wanted to take care of The Authority, who set everything up and has targeted Randy Orton. According to Reigns, this is an “in house” situation and he will clean up the outside of the house before heading in to finish off Rollins.

Tonight at “Summerslam,” Roman Reigns will battle Randy Orton. The two have been battling in no-hold barred matches on the house show circuit, so there is an expectation that tonight’s match will see all kinds of plunder as they battle for supremacy. This is supposed to be the continued elevation of Reigns to the top of the main event scene and a possible match for the WWE world championship at “Wrestlemania 31.”

Meanwhile, Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose will battle at “Summerslam” in a lumberjack match. The entire idea behind the stipulation is that the men that the two ran all over for two years as The Shield will be who holds their fates in their hands. However, as good as that sounds, the fact is that the bad guys will be there to help Rollins for The Authority while the good guys will be there to counteract them.

When all is said as done, Roman Reigns won’t be battling Seth Rollins anytime soon. Rollins and Ambrose will likely battle against each other at least one or two more pay-per-views while Reigns is rumored to be getting a shot at Triple H at “Night of Champions” in September, a high profile match to convince people to re-subscribe to the WWE Network now that their original six months are ending.