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WWE news: Roman Reigns busted open during ‘Raw’ match with Kane

WWE news: Roman Reigns busted open during ‘Raw’ match with Kane
Photo from Twitter

Roman Reigns is developing a strange reputation. He often heads to Twitter to keep his fans updated on things and his most recent Tweet on Monday night shows that he was busted open in his Last Man Standing match with Kane and required six staples in his head to close up the gash. According to PWS, this is the fourth time that Reigns has been busted open and required stitches or staples to close up the cut.

The match occurred at the start of “WWE Monday Night Raw” this week when The Authority was in the ring bragging about how great the upcoming “Summerslam” pay-per-view event was going to be. After non-stop shilling of the WWE Network, Roman Reigns made his way out after Randy Orton talked about the two of them fighting at “Summerslam.” That is when Triple H booked a match between Kane and Roman Reigns to open the show.

The match was a Last Man Standing match, which means that it would only end when one person was no longer able to get back to their feet to answer a 10-count. What it also means is that there were no rules and anything goes. Much like Reigns recent house show matches with Randy Orton, that meant that tables, chairs, kendo sticks and the steel ring steps became involved.

During the match, Reigns was put through a table and had the steel ring steps thrown at his head. Despite all of this, Reigns was able to win the match that opened “WWE Monday Night Raw” and leave victorious. However, winning the professional wrestling match was little consolation to Roman Reigns in the dressing room after the match. The photo that Reigns posted of the staples in his head looked pretty bad and the photos on were all in black and white to block out the blood.