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WWE news: Roddy Piper wants to fight Hulk Hogan at 'Wrestlemania 30'

WWE: Roddy Piper talks about fighting Hulk Hogan
WWE: Roddy Piper talks about fighting Hulk Hogan

The WWE rumors surfaced a while back that Rowdy Roddy Piper had spoken with WWE officials about booking him to face Hulk Hogan at "Wrestlemania 30." According to on Jan. 21, Piper was on "Stone Cold" Steve Austin's podcast and said that the rumors were true and he wants to wrestle in that match.

Piper made some good points about the match as well. He mentioned how he and Hulk Hogan fought many times and neither man pinned the other. Finally, in WCW, Piper picked up the win over Hulk Hogan and beat him after a sleeper.

It was the only time in their two decade feud that either man got a decisive victory over the other. Even when Hulk Hogan was the dominant good guy in the WWF, he never beat Roddy Piper. The win for Piper came when he was the good guy and Hogan was in the nWo.

Piper said that it was time to finish the feud that culminated around the time of the first Wrestlemania event 30 years ago. He made it sound like it was time that Hulk Hogan got his win back and they ended their story for the fans - allowing Hulk Hogan to finally beat Rowdy Roddy Piper.

Roddy Piper also said that he would want the WWE to let them cut old school promos, not ones written for them by writers. He said he is in great shape, but the WWE still need to talk to Hulk Hogan. He did say there is a fear they can't pull off the performance in the ring, though.