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WWE news: Ric Flair WWE return might possibly be a full time schedule

Ric Flair WWE return might possibly be a full time schedule
Ric Flair WWE return might possibly be a full time schedule
Photo by Jason Smith/Getty Images

While “Nature Boy” Ric Flair cut a promo on “WWE Monday Night Raw” last week that was less than impressive, it didn’t hurt his standing with the WWE. It sounds like Flair might be back to a more regular schedule. According to on Sunday, the WWE wants the Ric Flair WWE return to be full time.

While it seemed that Flair was intoxicated during his promo last week, that appears to not be the case. One of the stipulations for bringing Flair back full time was that he gets his personal matters in order, and that includes alcohol dependency. Flair was supposed to come back last August as The Miz’s manager, but after a drunken appearance at a roundtable event, the WWE cut ties with Flair.

Triple H has had a big hand in bringing about the Ric Flair WWE return. Triple H has openly been a huge fan of Flair, crediting him with being a mentor and role model when it comes to wrestling. With Evolution back together, this could be the perfect time to bring Flair back in as a manager styled character.

Whether or not Flair arrives at the “WWE Extreme Rules” event tonight remains to be seen. The problem to getting the Ric Flair WWE return to a full time, traveling status is Flair’s health. Thanks to the heart attack that Jerry “The King” Lawler suffered, the WWE has a very stringent health testing they force everyone to go through. The WWE won’t book someone to a full time schedule unless they prove healthy enough for the travel.

Another change that could occur with the role of the Ric Flair WWE return has to do with Batista. Yesterday, word came that Batista was leaving the WWE sooner than originally expected. That might have changed as the WWE is trying to find something else to keep him at least until “WWE Payback.” However, they would need to find something new for him since he made it clear he doesn’t want to lose back-to-back events to Daniel Bryan.