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WWE news: Ric Flair signs a new official contract with the WWE

WWE news: Ric Flair signs new deal with WWE
WWE news: Ric Flair signs new deal with WWE

After last year's Summerslam Axxess event caused the WWE to cut ties with both Jim Ross and "Nature Boy" Ric Flair, it looked doubtful that either would return anytime soon. According to on Feb. 13, the wait for Flair has ended and "The Nature Boy" has signed a new contract with the WWE.

The incident that got both released was when Flair went off script during a legend's panel for 2K Sports to promote the WWE 2K14 video game. Flair made mention of TNA Impact Wrestling and talked about the suicide of his son Reid. The WWE was said to be embarrassed by Flair, who some believed was drunk at the time.

Triple H reached out to Flair after the event and told him that if Flair didn't get help, he wouldn't be invited back into the WWE. Flair got the help Triple H requested, although he has denied it publicly. It was enough and the WWE brought him back to the old school "WWE Monday Night Raw" episode.

Now, Flair has signed a contract with the WWE again and will make appearances for the company and take part in a number of events for the WWE. He is still allowed to make personal appearances and business deals, but the WWE has to approve them. Also, if the WWE needs him, Flair will have to cancel opposing bookings to appear for the WWE.

For those who wonder if this is fair to Jim Ross, the WWE Hall of Fame announcer seems content in his retirement from wrestling. He has a new podcast and is writing for Fox Sports and seems to be jaded to the current state of professional wrestling anyway.