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WWE news: Ric Flair scheduled to finally make WWE return

Ric Flair scheduled to finally make WWE return
Ric Flair scheduled to finally make WWE return
Photo from WWE Twitter

There have been a lot of WWE returns recently, with The Miz and Chris Jericho both returning on the same episode of “WWE Monday Night Raw” recently. It looks like there will be another big WWE return on next week’s episode. According to 411mania on Wednesday, “The Nature Boy” Ric Flair is scheduled to make his big WWE return on that show from Virginia.

Flair was originally supposed to return to the WWE on a regular basis last year. An unfortunate incident at a “Summerslam” Axxess event ruined his WWE return at that time. According to reports, Flair was drunk during a legend’s fan panel and the WWE sent him home. Triple H informed Flair that if he didn’t get help and clean up his life that he would never be back to the WWE.

Flair not only worked hard to clean himself up but he has gotten in better physical shape, dropping weight in order to live a healthier lifestyle on the road. The latest stipulation by the WWE was for Flair to pass a physical before they allow him to return to the company full time. The idea is for Flair to become a manager, with The Miz as the person he is supposed to manage.

However, The Miz has returned as a cocky Hollywood heel and having Flair manage him makes little sense at this time. There is a chance that he is paired up with someone else, as Flair has always said that he wants to manage Dolph Ziggler. That was always met with indifference by the WWE, who sees little reason to push Ziggler based on his trouble with concussions and other injuries.

There is also the chance that the WWE could be looking for a new authority figure, something Flair has worked as before. Flair as the boss could be a nice angle, especially if it eliminates Stephanie McMahon and Triple H from that role except for on special occasions. It seems that, for all-powerful authority figures, less is sometimes better. For now, what is known is that Ric Flair is scheduled for his WWE return on “WWE Monday Night Raw” and “WWE Smackdown” next week.