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WWE news: Rey Mysterio signs new deal with WWE

Rey Mysterio signs new contract with WWE
Rey Mysterio signs new contract with WWE
Photo from WWE Twitter

While he spent most of his last WWE contract injured and out of action, it looks like Rey Mysterio will be sticking around the company. According to Wrestle View on Saturday, Mysterio has signed a new contract with the WWE. The word is that the contract is a one-year deal and Vince McMahon himself made the call to re-sign Mysterio.

The WWE has protections written into contracts in case of missed time due to injuries. Since Mysterio missed so much time over the last contract due to injuries, he owed the WWE time. His new contract will last through May 2015, although how much wrestling he actually will be able to do is unknown.

Of course, Mysterio is worth much more to the WWE than just his action as an in-ring performer. Despite missing so much time and missing so much television over the years, he still remains one of the most popular performers in the company. While not as big of a merchandise seller as he used to be, he is still a very huge seller especially for young audiences.

Mysterio was originally rumored to be heading to AAA to headline the promotion as it makes its U.S. premiere on the El Rey Network. He would provide the promotion with the biggest name for American audiences to recognize. It would also mark a return, as Mysterio caught his first big break in AAA back in 1992. After that, he moved on to ECW and WCW before making his WWE debut in 2002.

Since making his debut in the WWE, Rey Mysterio has won two world titles, one with each major belt. He also has held the Intercontinental title twice, the tag team titles four times with four different partners, and the now defunct cruiserweight title eight times. Now, with the new WWE contract, Mysterio will try to get his career back on track.