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WWE news: Rey Mysterio looking to leave promotion

According to a July 24 report from Cageside Seats, Rey Mysterio may have competed in his final match under the WWE banner. Mysterio, 39, is apparently entangled in a bitter contract dispute with Vince McMahon and the WWE higher-ups. As the story would go, Mysterio is upset that the WWE opted to renew his contract for an extra year, without him being able to provide any feedback on the deal. Mysterio had been looking to leave the promotion, when the WWE blindsided him by renewing his contract.

Rey Mysterio might be done with the WWE for good
Photo by Erika Goldring/Getty Images

WWE officials believe Mysterio owes the company due to the time he had spent on the sidelines recovering from knee injuries that he suffered for the past few years. Mysterio, real name Oscar Gutierrez, missed over 18 months while rehabbing from injury. Mysterio was hoping to leave the WWE, but McMahon prevented that from happening by renewing his contract against his will. McMahon felt he had the legal right to do so because Mysterio got paid a significant amount of money while recovering from injury.

Mysterio countered McMahon's move by refusing to cash the WWE's checks. All reports indicate that Mysterio will be taking legal action to get out of the new deal the WWE gave him. Is this a smart move on Mysterio's part? Probably. Mysterio was once a fan favorite, but his sales have declined over the years. The WWE essentially turned him into a jobber, scripting him to lose against other top babyface characters. At this point, Mysterio may be better off testing his skills elsewhere.

The last time Mysterio competed under the WWE banner, he lost to Bad News Barrett on a televised match on Monday Night Raw, the day after Wrestlemania 30. That appearance was already three months ago, and Mysterio hasn't appeared at any WWE house shows since. Prior to his match against Barrett, Mysterio appeared in the 2014 Royal Rumble. He was nearly booed out of the building, because he came out in the No. 30 spot which was widely rumored to be taken by Daniel Bryan.

If Mysterio doesn't come back to the WWE, he should have plenty of career options. With or without the WWE, Mysterio is a big draw in Mexico and with Mexican-American fans. There is a new Mexican pro wrestling promotion coming out, AAA, which will air on the El Rey Network with Lucha: Uprising. Time will tell how the situation pans out, but that might be the promotion where Mysterio ultimately ends up.

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