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WWE news: Rey Mysterio appears for rival promotion during ‘Summerslam’

WWE news: Rey Mysterio appears for rival promotion during ‘Summerslam’
WWE news: Rey Mysterio appears for rival promotion during ‘Summerslam’
Photo by Erika Goldring/Getty Images

The Mexican wrestling promotion AAA held a major Internet pay-per-view event called “TripleMania” at the same time that the WWE aired their “Summerslam” event on Sunday night. While Alberto Del Rio said that he would be there, some felt the WWE might have tried to block it since they still possibly hold his future in their hands despite firing him. Things got really interesting at the end of “TripleMania” when PWS reported that Rey Mysterio actually delivered a pre-recorded promo video to fans.

Rey Mysterio is still under contract to the WWE. Mysterio’s contract with the WWE expired earlier in the year, but the WWE found a way to keep him under their thumb. Because of numerous injuries suffered throughout Mysterio’s career, the WWE used a loophole in his contract to force him to an extension with the company to make up for the lost dates he could have performed. However, Mysterio made it clear that he wants out and hasn’t cashed a check the WWE sent to him since his contract ended.

Because Rey Mysterio is still technically under a WWE contract, he can’t appear for any other wrestling company without their permission. However, he never appeared at “TripleMania,” and instead they played a video package with Mysterio talking about how he started his career in AAA. The big news was at the end of the video when he told AAA fans that he would see them soon.

Alberto Del Rio also made a big move when he opened the AAA “TripleMania” show with an in-ring appearance. He came to the ring with his father Dos Caras, and using the name El Patron, he cut a promo about his time in the WWE and meeting a monster there called racism. Before he could go into detail, former WCW star Konnan showed up with the heels in his stable, but Del Rio chased them off.