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WWE news: Randy Orton sorry for 'bullying' fan on Twitter

According to an Aug. 4 report from Cageside Seats, former WWE Heavyweight Champion, Randy Orton, has officially apologized for bullying a fan on Twitter. Orton, 34, snapped a photo with one of his biggest fans outside a WWE house show in Texas over the weekend. After the fan posted the photo online, Orton tweeted it out to his millions of followers, with a caption that included an offensive phrase and insulting language.

Former WWE champ Randy Orton is sorry for bullying a fan on Twitter
Photo by Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images

Orton, an eight-time WWE champ, trashed the woman, calling her a "Latino Ms. Piggy." After the story went viral, Orton tweeted out an apology and said sorry for offending anyone with his language. He said the answer to bullying isn't more bullying. Here's the thing: There's more to the story than meets the eye. Orton didn't go out and insult a random fan.

There's a long, ugly history between the fan he insulted, and with Orton's girlfriend, Kim Kessler. Apparently the woman Orton put on blast this weekend on Twitter is someone who was harassing him and his girlfriend online in the past. Orton apparently needed to block the woman on several social media accounts, so he knew exactly who she was.

It would be much worse if Orton insulted a random fan. Since that wasn't the case, the WWE is unlikely to fine or suspend him. The WWE hates bad publicity, so it's pretty clear promotion higher-ups ordered Orton to apologize for his tweet, even if the woman deserved to be called what she was called.

What happens next with Orton? Well, he has already moved on from the incident. Orton appeared on WWE Monday Night Raw last night, where he was spotted alongside Triple H, Kane and Stephanie McMahon. He did not address the incident, and neither did the WWE. All parties appear to be moving forward in a positive direction, and it's unlikely that Orton will be punished. Orton is still expected to be competing against Roman Reigns this month at the SummerSlam pay-per-view spectacular.

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