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WWE news: Paul Heyman tells fans to move on from ECW

WWE news: Paul Heyman tells fans to move on from ECW
WWE news: Paul Heyman tells fans to move on from ECW
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WWE superstar Paul Heyman made his name thanks to building a small company called ECW into a force that changed professional wrestling forever. He worked in the AWA and WCW before that and has been in the WWE for a few years now, but when Heyman comes out fans still chant ECW. However, when it comes to trying to keep ECW alive, Paul Heyman told Newsday on Friday that it is time to move on.

Heyman mentioned that nostalgia tours are fine but there is a point where major companies shouldn’t try to bring back ECW. He specifically took a shot at TNA Impact Wrestling. That company recently went to New York City to film their television shows and shot their episodes where ECW used to film at years ago. They had names like the Dudley Boys, Tommy Dreamer and Rhino in attendance. The fans loved it.

However, as Paul Heyman pointed out, Spike TV has apparently chosen not to renew the TNA Impact Wrestling TV show, leaving the company with only a short time to change their mind or find a new television home. The fact is that the TNA Impact Wrestling television shows are more entertaining now than they have been in a long time, but Heyman points out that the passionate fan reactions are to something that died in 2001 – ECW.

Shane Douglas said in an interview a while back that ECW needed to just rest in peace and mentioned that the company he is planning on starting has nothing to do with ECW or that style of action. Heyman agreed in this interview that the style is not something that can exist in today’s youth oriented professional wrestling business. He then took a major jab and said that a company shouldn’t elicit a response based on a product they don’t even own.