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WWE news: Paul Heyman introduces new 'Paul Heyman Guy' on 'Raw'

WWE: Paul Heyman Guy: Cesaro
WWE: Paul Heyman Guy: Cesaro

There have been WWE rumors over the last month that Paul Heyman would introduce a new "Paul Heyman Guy" soon, and it happened at "WWE Monday Night Raw" on April 7. The new "Paul Heyman Guy" is Cesaro.

This is a huge move, and is also surprising after "WrestleMania 30."

At the big event on Sunday night, "Paul Heyman Guy" Brock Lesnar actually beat The Undertaker and ended the famous Streak, giving Undertaker his first loss in 22 matches at the biggest event of the year. That made Brock Lesnar, and vicariously Paul Heyman, the most hated men in the WWE.

Also at "WrestleMania 30," Cesaro won the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal when he actually picked up The Big Show and threw him out of the ring to win. The fans went nuts for Cesaro, who has quickly became one of their favorites.

On "WWE Monday Night Raw," Zeb Colter and Cesaro came out to accept the Andre the Giant Memorial trophy when Cesaro started to dress down Cesaro for turning on Jack Swagger the night before. When Colter called Cesaro a "Zeb Colter guy," Cesaro stopped him and said he isn't a "Zeb Colter" guy, he is a "Paul Heyman Guy."

It was a huge moment and ended when Cesaro beat Jack Swagger by count out and became the new "Paul Heyman Guy."

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