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WWE news: Paul Heyman DVD coming out later in 2014

WWE news: Paul Heyman DVD on the way
WWE news: Paul Heyman DVD on the way

The WWE has a number of fantastic DVDs coming out, but Jim Ross just let slip with a title that the WWE had not announced yet. According to on Jan. 12, Jim Ross said he is doing some interviews for the upcoming Paul Heyman DVD.

There is a lot to cover when it comes to the career of Paul Heyman and could end up being one of the best WWE documentaries if they pull back all the curtains and break down his entire, amazing career.

When he was known as Paul E. Dangerously, he managed talent in the AWA and then really exploded in the WCW. He managed the Original Midnight Express (Dennis Condry and Randy Rose) in a feud with Jim Cornette's Midnight Express (Bobby Eaton and Stan Lane). It was a huge feud at the time and really helped Heyman's career take off.

When the Original Midnight Express disbanded and left WCW, Dangerously began his first major angle as he formed a stable called The Dangerous Alliance, with members like Beautiful Bobby Eaton, Ravishing Rick Rude, "The Enforcer" Arn Anderson, Larry Zbyszko and "Stunning" Steve Austin.

After that, he was fired by WCW and moved on to his biggest accomplishment - creating ECW. Heyman built the promotion from the ground up after it broke away from the NWA and he remains best known for taking what is labeled a band of misfits and castoffs and creating the biggest cult promotion in wrestling history.

Most fans today know Paul Heyman only from his stint in the WWE, but this could be one of the best professional wrestling documentaries ever made thanks to the rich history of the man.

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