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WWE news: Pat Patterson comes out of the closet on ‘WWE Legend’s House’

WWE news: Pat Patterson comes out of the closet
WWE news: Pat Patterson comes out of the closet
Photo from WWE Twitter

In an announcement that may have shocked some, but many people have known about for years, Pat Patterson came out of the closet on the finale of “WWE Legend’s House” on Thursday night. The WWE Network series puts a number of wrestlers together under one roof similar to “Big Brother” and then films what happens. However, when Patterson came out of the closet publicly for the first time, the reactions from his fellow housemates made it a special moment.

While he has never came out and revealed it, the wrestling world has known that Pat Patterson was gay for the last three decades. When he came out on the show, he said that he has lived with this part of his life hidden from the public eye for 50 years. He also said that he had a partner for 40 years that recently died from a heart attack. Patterson, 73, said that he wants to live the rest of his life happy without a secret life.

The reaction of his fellow “WWE Legend’s House” cast members was genuine. Hacksaw Jim Duggan, Howard Finkle and “The Mouth of the South” Jimmy Hart were all in tears along with Patterson. Hart let Patterson know that they all love him and have always loved him. While it was not actually news to anyone who has followed the career of Patterson, it was still a brave moment to come out and tell the world who he really is.

Pat Patterson has been a WWE legend for over four decades. He was a former professional wrestler and was actually the first ever WWE Intercontinental Champion. While that was his first claim to fame, his biggest moment in the WWE was when he created the Royal Rumble. Vince McMahon never believed it could work and told Patterson it was his job to book it and make it work. It remains one of the biggest WWE events of the year over two decades later.