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WWE news: Original Sin Cara says he will not stop using the name

WWE: Sin Cara refuses to stop using name
WWE: Sin Cara refuses to stop using name

The WWE announced the release of Luis Alvirde, the original Sin Cara, last week when his contract officially expired. According to PWS on March 29, Alvirde said that he will not stop using the name Sin Cara, despite the WWE continuing to use the character as well.

The WWE and Sin Cara appear to be headed to a court case when it comes to the name and character.

In the WWE, Hunico took on the Sin Cara persona after the WWE sent Alvirde home. According to sources, Alvirde was unwilling to adapt to the WWE style and had a poor attitude backstage. He admitted to refusing to learn English, which he calls an ugly language, and said that two wrestlers don't need to communicate in the ring, comparing that to a circus.

Interestingly, Sin Cara used to wrestle in Mexico as a character known as Mistico. When Sin Cara left for the WWE, the character of Mistico remained with the company CMLL. That means that Alvirde can't portray Mistico since he has signed with the CMLL rival company AAA.

However, he claims that the situation is different with the WWE. According to Alvirde, he came to the WWE with his character and that means he owns the rights to it. He said in the recent interview that he will be Sin Cara in Mexico, and in America since AAA will air on El Rey Network in the states.

According to Alvirde, once he gained his "liberation" from the WWE, he will work under the Sin Cara name with "all the attitude and enthusiasm in the world.”

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