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WWE news: Original Sin Cara advertised for events in Tijuana

WWE: Original Sin Cara scheduled to appear in Tijuana
WWE: Original Sin Cara scheduled to appear in Tijuana

Most WWE fans know by now that the man wrestling as Sin Cara in the WWE is not the same wrestler who debuted the gimmick when Sin Cara debuted. Instead, NXT wrestler Hunico has been wrestling under the Sin Cara gimmick while the original Sin Cara is sitting out the rest of his contract in Mexico. PWS reported on Jan. 22 that the original Sin Cara has been advertised for an upcoming event in Tijuana after his WWE contract expires.

The original Sin Cara is former CMLL star Mistico, and he left that promotion under bad terms when he signed with the WWE to wrestle there as Sin Cara. He now looks to be interested in returning to Mexico to wrestle in the AAA promotion, which could be huge since they will have a United States presence in 2014 on the new El Rey television network.

Mistico also tweeted that he planned on appearing at the one year anniversary of the Sin Cara Gym in Mexico City on Feb. 1. From the sound of it, Mistico's contract with the WWE expires this month.

However, while the Baja Stars Wrestling event in Tijuana is advertising Sin Cara to appear, Mistico's brother says that is not true and he will not be there.

It will be interesting to see how the WWE reacts to Mistico if he does try to use the Sin Cara character in Mexico, and specifically in AAA since it will have a U.S. distribution deal. They plan on keeping Hunico under the mask because Sin Cara is a huge merchandise seller.