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WWE news: Original angle for The Authority changed

WWE Authority vs. Vince McMahon angle cancelled
WWE Authority vs. Vince McMahon angle cancelled

The WWE has cancelled its original plans for the Authority angle they started last year after the Summerslam pay-per-view. According to PWS on Feb. 26, all plans to bring back Vince McMahon to feud with Triple H have been called off.

The original plans were to see Triple H and Stephanie McMahon wrestle control of the company away from Vince McMahon. While they were on the same side in the beginning, cutting out Daniel Bryan's legs and keeping him from winning the title, power struggles would start to tear them apart.

These original plans were to lead to Wrestlemania 30 where Triple H and Vince McMahon would fight for control of the company, likely with McMahon having a wrestler fight for him with the winner taking all. This had been in the plans since after Wrestlemania last year. There were even thoughts of Big Show representing McMahon and Vince being the benefactor that helped Big Show keep his house while he was feuding with The Authority.

However, after the fans helped cut the legs out from under Big Show's feud with Triple H, Big Show was dropped back down the card and his big feud with Triple H was buried. Now, thanks to the fans rejecting that feud, Daniel Bryan will get to face Triple H at Wrestlemania 30 instead.

The match many fans didn't want for Daniel Bryan will now happen because of the fan's actions over the last six months. It also looks like Vince McMahon won't be making an on-screen return to the WWE anytime soon. They have also stopped referring to Stephanie as one of the owners of the WWE, another way to eliminate the feud.