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WWE news: Nikki Bella took on babyface role at weekend house show

According to an Aug. 24 report from, the WWE scripted Nikki Bella in a babyface role at house shows over the weekend. What does this mean for the WWE divas superstar? It could mean the promotion is thinking about ditching her current heel role, or it might mean nothing at all. Time will tell how the situation pans out.

Nikki Bella worked as a babyface at a WWE house show over the weekend
Photo by Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images

The WWE regularly deviates from the script at untelevised house shows, so WWE Universe shouldn't get too excited about Bella switching back to a babyface character right away. In all likelihood, Bella will someday make a face turn. However, the WWE will probably want her feud to play out for the next couple months with her sister, Brie Bella.

As most WWE fans know by now, Nikki and Brie Bella split apart as a tag team during SummerSlam. Nikki Bella made a shocking heel turn, smashing her sister to the mat during her SummerSlam match with Stephanie McMahon. That said, many wrestling fans were shocked to see Nikki Bella working as a babyface over the weekend at house shows in California.

Nikki Bella teamed with Emma on Aug. 24 in Stockton, but she reverted back to a heel role by turning on her teammate following a victory. At last night's house show in Sacramento, Bella surprisingly remained in babyface character from beginning to end of her match.

Bella and Emma teamed together to defeat Alicia Fox and Layla. Not only did Bella and Emma take out Fox and Layla, they also ravaged special guest ref Rose Mendes, after the final bell. Here's the thing: WWE fans shouldn't get worked up about what happens at untelevised house shows.

What really matters is what happens at WWE Monday Night Raw and SmackDown, since those events are used to hype upcoming pay-per-views. Bella will definitely make a face turn at some point, but it's going to be a while before it happens. In the meantime, fans can expect Bella to work as a babyface only at untelevised house shows.

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