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WWE news: Nikki Bella suffers wardrobe malfunction during Monday Night Raw

According to a July 22 report from Sports World News, WWE Divas superstar Nikki Bella suffered a wardrobe malfunction during her match on Monday Night Raw, which aired live on the USA Network. Bella, 30, was competing against Alicia Fox, Eva Marie, Cameron and Rosa Mendes in a four-on-one handicap match, when the wardrobe malfunction occurred. It's not clear exactly what caused the wardrobe malfunction, but it was likely due to a kick or punch from one of the WWE Divas that Bella was up against.

WWE Divas superstar Nikki Bella suffered a wardrobe malfunction during Monday Night Raw
Photo by Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images

Bella's wardrobe malfunction appears to have been completely accidental and not part of the script. Oddly enough, Bella's sister, Brie, suffered a wardrobe malfunction on a televised show, this time last year. If there's any good that came of the situation, its that Bella's wardrobe malfunction occurred late enough that most younger pro wrestling fans were likely asleep by that point in the episode. Additionally, she was exposed for just seconds, before WWE's camera crew realized what had happened and cut away.

Did Bella's wardrobe malfunction take away from an intriguing segment that included a collision between Brie Bella and Stephanie McMahon? Yes and no. Fans were momentarily distracted by Bella's exposed body, but the feud between Brie and McMahon immediately brought the fans' attention back to where it belonged. With Brie Bella expected to wrestle McMahon next month at SummerSlam, the WWE used Monday Night Raw as a vehicle to hype the feud.

Perhaps the WWE can learn something from Bella's wardrobe malfunction. To prevent future situations like this from occurring, the WWE could possibly create new uniforms for the WWE Divas to wear. Since Bella and the other WWE Divas are scripted to wear revealing, form-fitting costumes, it shouldn't come as much of a surprise that they would suffer wardrobe malfunctions from time to time. This takes away from the hard work, skills and athleticism of the female athletes.

This is a time when WWE fans should be talking about Bella's elite skills inside the ring, and the budding feud between Brie Bella and Stephanie McMahon. Instead, WWE Universe is buzzing about wardrobe malfunctions. These incidents are bad for the WWE Divas division, and not good for the WWE's business overall. Time will tell how the situation plays out in the future, but the hope is that the WWE will create uniforms that can hold up to the grind of a pro wrestling match.

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