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WWE news: New Paul Heyman guy coming to the WWE

WWE: Paul Heyman to name a new Paul Heyman guy
WWE: Paul Heyman to name a new Paul Heyman guy

With Brock Lesnar only wrestling limited dates on his WWE contract, there is a need to find Paul Heyman a new wrestler to manage to keep him in the public eye. According to an interview with This is Infamous on April 1, Paul Heyman said a new "Paul Heyman guy" will be introduced soon.

Right now, Brock Lesnar is the only Paul Heyman client left.

Heyman started out his Paul Heyman guy angle a couple of years back when he was managing CM Punk. A number of wrestlers came out and said they were Paul Heyman guys, even though he did not currently manage any of them. The idea is that they support the wrestling ideals that Paul Heyman preached, all the way back to his days running ECW.

Before Paul Heyman turned on CM Punk, he brought in a brand new Paul Heyman guy, introduced in an impressive fashion. It was Curtis Axel and Heyman even explained the name change for the son of the late Mr. Perfect, taking his dad's first name and his grandfather's nickname. There were big things planned for Axel, but things never really hit their stride.

The next Paul Heyman guy was Ryback, someone that the WWE felt could use a good mouthpiece to push him. However, thanks to backstage difficulties and an attitude problem for Ryback, they dumped that angle quickly and Heyman let both men go.

Who the new Paul Heyman guy could be is a mystery, but Heyman said that they will publicize and promote it and market it in a big way.

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