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WWE news: Natalya hopes to welcome UFC star Shayna Baszler to Divas division

According to an Aug. 5 tweet from Natalya, the former WWE champion would love nothing more than to welcome UFC star Shayna Baszler to the promotion's Divas division. Natalya, 32, is friends with Baszler in real life, and she thinks the MMA fighter has what it takes to compete inside the WWE ring.

Natalya hopes to wrestle UFC star Shayna Baszler in the WWE Divas Division
Courtesy of Natalya/Twitter screenshot

Natalya, the first three-generation female wrestler, tweeted that she would like to be the first to battle Baszler under the WWE banner, but there's no real-life feud between the two. The Canadian standout has been spotted over the past few months hanging out with Baszler, UFC bantamweight champ Ronda Rousey and the rest of the Four Horsewomen stable, at various hot spots across the U.S. Her call-out of Baszler didn't appear to be anything personal, so fans shouldn't think the ladies have any drama with each other.

Baszler, who makes her UFC debut later this month at UFC 177, appeared to be open to Natalya's challenge, as she clicked 'favorite' on the tweet. Will the WWE bout between Natalya and Baszler ever happen? Time will tell how the situation plays out, but the WWE would be smart to secure the UFC star's services. Baszler is a legitimate athlete who knows the ins and outs of pro wrestling, being that she has been a fan for over two decades. She knows how to cut a good promo and also deliver an exciting performance inside the ring.

Baszler, who fights Bethe Correia in her first UFC appearance, also embraces the heel role, so she might be a nice fit to align with Paige for a feud with AJ Lee and Natalya. The WWE sorely needs new blood to fill out the WWE Divas division, especially when it comes to villains. The 33-year-old UFC star would be a fantastic addition to the roster.

Additionally, the WWE will see its first batch of subscriptions to the WWE Network expire next month, so they need to find a way to reel in a new demographic of fans. Baszler could help reel in the MMA fan base. The WWE should seriously consider the signing because it's best for business. There is definitely a crossover fan base between the UFC and WWE, so both promotions should embrace the tie-in.

At present time, the WWE Divas division is receiving a lot of attention from AJ Lee's title run, and Paige's rise to prominence. Additionally, Stephanie McMahon has been earning lots of great heat for her feud with Brie and Nikki Bella. The only thing the WWE Divas division needs now is a fresh face. Baszler would be a great pick.

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