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WWE news: Nancy Grace falsely claims Owen Hart died due to drugs

The Ultimate Warrior passed away this week from what is considered a catastrophic medical event, with all likelihood being that he suffered a heart attack. CNN journalist Nancy Grace ran a report on Warrior's death on April 9 and made allusions that it was rumored to be drug related. According to PWS, the family of the late Owen Hart spoke out when Nancy Grace also claimed that Owen Hart's death was also drug related.

WWE: Nancy Grace alludes Owen Hart died due to drugs
Photo by Telfair H. Brown PA1 / Wikimedia Public Domain

For those who do not know, Owen Hart died in the wrestling ring. Hart was portraying the character The Blue Blazer and the WWE was lowering him to the ring using a pulley system. The system malfunctioned and dropped Owen Hart to the ring, where he hit his head on the turnbuckle and died from the impact. Owen Hart's death had nothing to do with drugs.

In the Nancy Grace Ultimate Warrior piece, she had retired WWE superstar Diamond Dallas Page on the show to talk and he tried to explain that there was a lot of steroids in the sport in the past, but with the WWE Wellness Program, they are cutting those out and suspending or firing people who fail the drug tests.

Big name stars like Randy Orton and Rey Mysterio have been suspended in the past for violations of the WWE Wellness Policy. The policy punishes wrestlers for using both steroids as well as illegal street drugs.

Grace ignored the explanation and continued to insinuate that illegal drugs were involved in the death of The Ultimate Warrior. Then she claimed that other former WWE stars died of drugs as well, mentioning Owen Hart, who fell to his death, as well as names like Chris Candido, who actually died from a blood clot after surgery and former referee Joey Marella, who died in an auto accident.

Smith Hart, the brother of Owen Hart, spoke up about the Nancy Grace Ultimate Warrior coverage.

"I think our beloved sister-in-law Martha as well as my entire family should be tremendously offended by the implication of Nancy Grace that my brother Owens demise had anything to do with drugs or steroids," Hart wrote on Facebook. "We will hear official details from the coroner this weekend and not from some gossip journalist."

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